Greetings From Bhutan! We would like to welcome...
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Bhutan is one of the most rich in nature.
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Bhutan is one of the most top destination in the...
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Bhutan Chog Zhi Travellers (BCZT) is a licensed tour operator in Bhutan and registered with Tourism Council of Bhutan. Bhutan is a paradise in making; a lush tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is home for various species of flora and fauna, rich in its natural preservation and ancestral abode for the Bhutanese which exhibits a wide range of unique socio-cultural, political and economic pattern guided by the unbroken faith in the esoteric practice of Tantric Mahayana Buddhism and the philosophy of Gross National Happiness. Bhutan Chog Zhi Travellers (BCZT) promise you to offer diverse shades and colors of patterns and system of Bhutan so different across the valleys and hills that stretch from northern foot hills to southern plains and from eastern nomadic zone to western urban centre. You will never regret to have travelled with us in Bhutan.